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Ukulele Lessons


What:  Beginner and intermediate ukulele lessons led by Halle Kerr

Who:  Any area homeschooler ages 7 to 18

When:  The spring meeting dates will be from Mar. 25 through May 20th.  Beginner classes are from 6:00 to 6:45, and intermediate classes are from 7:00 to 7:45.


Where:  Classes will meet at First United Methodist Church's Multi-Ministry Building at 401 W. Main St. in Richmond.

Cost:  $90 for members of Wellspring's co-op program

           $130 for area homeschoolers (Admin fee included)

           There are no refunds after registration is submitted.

           Students will also need a soprano ukulele and tuner.  If you have questions about which types/brands to purchase, please feel free to email Halle at:

More details...


  • Volunteer duty: A parent/guardian will need to remain on site during the 45-minute lesson and will be scheduled for classroom helper duties on one or more of the days classes meet, depending upon the number of registered students.

  • Siblings not in class: It is preferred that siblings who are not in class do not come, if possible.  A few other groups also meet during the time music lessons meet and we wish to limit noise and disturbances.

    • If siblings not in class come on a parent's non-volunteer day, they will have to be fully supervised at all times. 

    • On a parent/guardian's scheduled volunteer day, we ask that siblings not in class do not come along.

  • Communication:  The group's main method of communication will be through the Band app.  Parents/guardians will receive an invitation to join the group shortly after registration.

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