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Ukulele Lessons


What:  Beginner ukulele lessons led by Halle Kerr

Who:  Any area homeschooler ages 7 to 18

When:  The fall 2023 meeting dates will be from Sept. 11 through Nov. 6th.   Two class times may be offered, depending upon the number of students enrolled:   6:30-7:15 and 7:15-8:00


     Families will be able to note their preferred class time on the registration form; every effort will be made to accommodate that request, but there are no guarantees.  A confirmation of your finalized time slot will be sent to you by the registration deadline, Sept. 6.

     Spring 2024 class dates and times will be finalized later this fall, but will include eleven classes.

Where:  Classes will meet at First United Methodist Church's Multi-Ministry Building at 401 W. Main St. in Richmond.

Cost:  $90 for members of Wellspring's co-op program

           $130 for area homeschoolers (Admin fee included)

           There are no refunds after registration is submitted.

           Students will also need a soprano ukulele and tuner.  If you have questions about which types/brands to purchase, please feel free to email Halle at:

More details...


  • Volunteer duty: A parent/guardian will need to remain on site during the 45-minute lesson and will be scheduled for classroom helper duties on one or more of the days classes meet, depending upon the number of registered students.

  • Siblings not in class: It is preferred that siblings who are not in class do not come, if possible.  A few other groups also meet during the time music lessons meet and we wish to limit noise and disturbances.

    • If siblings not in class come on a parent's non-volunteer day, they will have to be fully supervised at all times. 

    • On a parent/guardian's scheduled volunteer day, we ask that siblings not in class do not come along.

  • Communication:  The group's main method of communication will be through the Band app.  Parents/guardians will receive an invitation to join the group shortly after registration.

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