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Homeschooling can be overwhelming sometimes, and it's nice to know there is some help around when you need it.  We hope that the links below will provide you with some of that support.



What is HSLDA?

"Home School Legal Defense Association is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms. Through annual memberships, HSLDA is tens of thousands of families united in service together, providing a strong voice when and where needed." 
(as stated on the HSLDA Website)


Discount for Wellspring Families
Wellspring Homeschool Community has an HSLDA group discount number, and families who are involved with Wellspring in any way (field trips, parties, workshops, co-op, etc.) are encouraged to use this number to receive a 17% discount on HSLDA's yearly membership dues.  This discount can apply to new memberships or renewals.  


If you are currently involved with co-op classes, simply sign in to see the discount number.  If you only participate in events or field trips you will need to email us to receive the number.  Once you get the number, simply enter it in the appropriate box on your HSLDA membership application or membership renewal form.


Why Join HSLDA?

  •  HSLDA protects your right to homeschool your children and defends you should the need arise. 

  • With HSLDA membership, seasoned homeschool parents are a phone call (or an email) away to help you on your homeschool journey by answering questions and helping you find necessary resources for your homeschooling efforts.  Specialized help is available in the follow areas:  The Early Years (K-8th grade), Homeschooling in High School, and Struggling Learners.

  • HSLDA is working on national and state levels to preserve your right to homeschool by promoting legislation that is homeschool-friendly and by stopping bills that would limit your homeschool rights.

  • By becoming an HSLDA member, you can partner with HSLDA to help homeschool families who need legal assistance.

  • HSLDA members stay informed and connected with HSLDA's bi-monthly magazine, weekly e-alerts, and weekly e-newsletters for early years, high school years, and struggling learners.

  • Members are eligible to buy and sell homeschool materials in HSLDA's online curriculum auction.

  • HSLDA members receive a $50-$100 discount on each AP class they take at Patrick Henry College Preparatory Academy.


How to Join HSLDA

You can join HSLDA by following this link to the HSLDA website where you can either register online or download a printable (pdf) version of the application.   Either way, remember to include your Wellspring discount number to receive 17% off your membership.   If you choose to mail your application, please write “Affiliate 5356343 ” in the space marked “Other” on Section 2, Question B (“I received this application from___”).


Homeschooling Resources
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