Earn college credit from EKU while still in high school

Did you know that if you have a student that is in their junior or senior year they can take classes at EKU that will count as both college AND high school credit?  All they need are the proper test score and a high school transcript.

Applications -  The online application for Fall 2017 is now open for your rising juniors and seniors to start applying! Students should go to http://dualcredit.eku.edu/how-do-i-apply-0 and follow the instructions. Students will still need to turn in end-of-year transcripts and the tuition acknowledgement form, signed by a parent or guardian and their counselor. The application deadline is June 15, 2017.  Students who participated in 2016/17 will need to reapply for 2017/18.

Qualification Criteria

Qualifying for EKU Dual Credit -

● Students must be juniors or seniors in high school residing in Kentucky. (Exception to junior senior status is granted when students meet the first scholarship level.)

● Students must have a high school GPA of 3.0 and ACT/PLAN scores on file with EKU at the time they apply for the program.

● Students must have minimum ACT/PLAN scores of 18 in English*, 20 in Reading* and a Composite ACT score of 20.

* KYOTE or COMPASS test scores may be substituted if ACT sub-scores do not meet minimum requirements. SAT equivalencies are also accepted.


Scholarships -  The criteria for the Dual Credit scholarships are as follows:


EKU Now! Dual Credit Scholarship - One (1) Dual Credit class free! 

  • You must be an EKU Dual Credit student with a 3.0 high school GPA.

  • You must have minimum ACT/PLAN scores of 18 in English, 19 in Math, 20 in Reading and a 21 Composite.

Whitlock Scholar Candidate - Two (2) Dual Credit classes free!

  • You must be an EKU Dual Credit student with a minimum unweighted 3.5 high school GPA.

  • You must have minimum ACT scores of 18 in English, 19 in Math, 20 in Reading and a 23 Composite (PLAN scores are not considered for this scholarship).

Additional Testing – If a student is missing an ACT sub-score to participate in the Dual Credit program or to receive a dual credit scholarship, he/she can take a placement test at EKU to raise that score. To view information on these placement tests, please go to http://testing.eku.edu/. Students also have the option of using a KYOTE or COMPASS score. Remember, we still need the ACT or PLAN Composite score, but any of these tests can be used to replace the sub scores of English, Math, or Reading.

Dual Credit at WKU

You can also earn credit while in high school by taking online classes through Western Kentucky University.

For summer 2017, there are fourteen online classes during two different sessions now open for registration.  Early registration is encouraged.  Online registration forms must be completed by May 20.  New students must also apply to be a WKU dual credit student.


Session A classes will begin on Monday, June 5 and end on Friday, June 30. Session B classes will begin on Monday, July 3 and end on Friday, July 28.


The tuition for online courses at WKU Dual Credit is $156 per course (three hours of college credit).  There may be an additional cost for textbooks depending on the course.

Need help paying?

Scholarships are available to homeschool students wishing to attend dual credit classes at Western Kentucky University.  Those scholarships are made possible through the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority.  Please click here to be taken to the KHEAA website for further information.