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Frequently Asked Questions About Wellspring's Co-op Program

How do I register for classes?

All new families who are interested in joining our co-op are asked to come meet with members of Wellspring's leadership team to hear about our program before any open spaces are offered.  Upcoming informational meeting dates and details will be shared on the home page once they are scheduled; be sure to check regularly to see if a date and time will work well for you to attend.  At the meeting you will hear about our program to better understand how we operate, learn about class offerings and fees, and to have the chance to ask us any questions they may have.  After attending an informational meeting, your contact information will be kept on our waiting list and you will be made aware of space availability as soon as we know where our potential open spaces might be for the upcoming semester.

Who can participate in co-op classes?

Classes are available for homeschoolers ages 4 (as of Sept 1) through high school age. You must be considered a homeschooled student in order to participate, with students aged 6 or older included on a Letter of Intent to Homeschool which is filed with the Director of Pupil Personnel for the county in which they live.  


When and where do Wellspring's co-op classes take place? 

Co-op classes are held on Monday afternoons from 1:00 to 4:00.  We meet at the First United Methodist Church located at the intersection of Main Street and Lancaster Ave. in Richmond.  Classes take place in the Multi-Ministry building behind the church. 

Do we have to take classes all three hours?

Yes, students should register for all three hours of classes.  

How long is a co-op semester?
A co-op semester is 12 weeks long. For specific beginning and ending dates, see the Co-op Schedule

Is Wellspring a school?

No. Wellspring's co-op classes are not a replacement for your academic homeschooling efforts and are geared toward enrichment only.  We lean toward choosing classes that homeschool parents can't (or don't want to) do at home.  Messy art projects, science experiments, and PE are just a few of the classes that are regularly in our line-up.  All co-op classes are taught by parent volunteers.


Is Wellspring a Christian Co-op?
Wellspring Homeschool Community is a Christian-run organization that embraces Biblical principles, looking to God to lead and guide as our community grows.  While we do not limit our membership to those willing to sign our statement of beliefs, we want to be clear in in letting families know the Judeo-Christian beliefs upon which our group is built and run.  We require that, while attending Wellspring functions, participants be respectful of this position in behavior, speech, and dress.  Please click here for our Statement of Beliefs.


How do I know if classes are cancelled due to inclement weather?
If you are a current co-op member, delays, cancellations, and last minute information will be posted via the Band App used for the group. 


What do I do if I have to miss a week of co-op?
Since every parent fulfills a volunteer position each week, it is very important that you let us know if you need to miss co-op.   We have made this very easy for you.  Simply log in to our Band app and let us know.  

I have been on the waiting list for some time now.  Why am I not able to join, and how soon do you see it opening up to new families?
Wellspring must consider many facets before admitting new families: student-teacher ratios, fire codes, room size, various ages of children in a family, enough teachers willing to teach, etc.  Sometimes we may have openings that simply won't work with your family dynamics.  All new families admitted in are chosen in a fair, logistical manner.  If you have any questions, you may email us.

My child is 12, but likes the classes offered to 13 year-olds better.  (Or is very mature for his/her age or has friends in a different age group) Can my child take classes with a different age group? 
In order to ensure space for all of our families, we ask that you only enroll your child in his/ her own age group's classes. Because we are a social co-op, not an academic one, we require students to be placed in the classes based on the age group they fit in as of Sept 1.

Can I drop my child off for co-op classes? If not, what will I do for three hours?
No.  Wellspring is not a drop-off co-op. Since our classes are taught by parent volunteers and helpers, everyone's help is needed during co-op hours.  This is in keeping with the spirit of a cooperative.  However, every parent will have some downtime during co-op, depending on whether you teach or not.  Since teachers take time at home to prepare, they are required to work only their one hour of teaching.  Those not teaching must assist in classes or perform other jobs during co-op for two hours. 


Can I register other children besides my own?
Because each family is required to sign a waiver of liability, you may register only for children of which you are parent or legal guardian.  You also are required to fulfill volunteer responsibilities (two hours of helping or one hour of teaching) for your own family.  You may help transport other children but each family is required to meet their own volunteer requirements.

How much does it cost?

   Cost breakdown:


  • Each age group carries its own fee.  It covers all three hours of co-op.

    • Ages 4-12 costs $45​ per student

    • Ages 13 and up costs $60 per student

  • Each family must also pay a $60 administrative fee each semester which covers the costs of our facility usage, bookkeeping services , liability insurance, web hosting, and online presence. 

  • New families will need to pay $35 to cover the expense of a background check.  If an additional family member needs a background check, the cost would be $20 to cover the fee.  Current members may have to renew their background checks every few years as well.


These fees must be paid at time of registration. 


  •  There are no refunds of class fees at any time.

  •  Administrative fees can be refunded up until the first day of class.


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