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GRK Choir Club


What:  The GRK (Grace, Respect, and Kindness) Choir Club will be an introduction to singing in a fun and encouraging environment. Vicky Welch will lead the group and introduce proper breathing techniques, which are essential to vocal health and quality singing, as well as basic principles of singing together.

Who:  Any area homeschooler ages 8 and above

When:  The fall 2022 meeting dates will be from Oct. 3 through Nov. 7th, from 5-6:30.  Spring 2023 meeting dates and times will be finalized later this fall, but will include twelve meeting dates.

Where:  Classes will meet at First United Methodist Church's Multi-Ministry Building at 401 W. Main St. in Richmond.

Cost:  $55 for the fall semester, with no extra fees. ($5 per class, with a $25 administrative fee to cover facility usage and insurance)

Click on the music note below to meet Vicky Welch!

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