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Registration for Wellspring Homeschool Community's Academic Center begins in late April/early May.  Please take a moment to browse the WAC pages to see if it is a good fit for your family.  


Why: Wellspring Academic Center exists to assist homeschool parents by providing academic classes for students in 6th grade and up.  For a list of our current classes offered, click here.


When:  All core WAC classes occur on Monday mornings during the traditional school year.  At times, WAC offers elective classes on Wednesdays.  Please see the class schedule for available electives. Follow this link to view the WAC Calendar and Class Schedule.


WhereMonday Core Academic classes will take place at the First United Methodist Church on Main Street and Lancaster Avenues in Richmond, KY.  Classes will take place in the Multi-Ministry Center directly behind the church.  

Please note: Given the current pandemic, WAC classes may need to be carried out online.  The WAC has made arrangements for use of an online forum in the event we cannot meet in person.


Who:  Homeschooled students ONLY that are in 6th grade and up.  WAC considers 6th graders to be 11 years old by November 1.  Students not making the cut-off date will need special permission from the instructor on a class by class basis to enroll in WAC.


The WAC is not for every student.  The classes, especially upon reaching high school, are rigorous and intended to prepare students for college.  Most students will require generous support and guidance from parents as they navigate their coursework and communicate with instructors throughout the week.  Wellspring Academic Center does not offer a replacement for parental involvement in a student’s education. It is designed to enhance the middle and high school educational caliber for families wishing to steer their student’s education outside of traditional schooling methods. 

For those students who struggle to stay self-motivated, exhibit positive classroom behavior, or meet study regimen and deadline requirements from instructors, Wellspring Academic Center will not be a comfortable fit.  For the population of students and families it was organized to serve, however, it is an excellent option, offering flexibility and a solid academic foundation.

 If you have any concerns about your student's ability to do the work, please discuss this with WAC leadership and/or potential teachers before enrolling.


How:  The leadership of WAC has secured qualified instructors who are excited to work with the local homeschool community.  Once each week, these instructors will teach classes geared toward middle and high school students and assign work for students to complete independently throughout the week.  Because instructors have limited time with their students, they could not possibly teach every concept covered in their classes.  It is the responsibility of the student to read at home and come prepared to actively participate in the learning process through class discussions and other activities prepared by the instructor.  

WAC Open House 

The Wellspring Academic Center (WAC) is unable to host our 2020-2021 Open House this year due to social distancing.  Please watch your inbox, Facebook, and other social media for information regarding next year's instructors and class offerings. 


Registration will open for current WAC families in early May and all others in mid-May. If you have any questions, please direct them to the WAC leadership at:




Is WAC a Christian organization?
WAC is part of the Wellspring Homeschool Community, and as such is a Christian-run organization that embraces Biblical principals, looking to God to lead and guide as our community grows.  We do not limit our participants to those who hold to the same beliefs, nor is it our goal to force these beliefs on others, but we want to be open in letting families know the position from which we come.  We ask that, while attending Wellspring functions, participants be respectful of this position in behavior, speech, and dress.  Please click here for our Statement of Beliefs.


Does WAC promote any particular doctrine?
No, WAC is not associated with any particular denomination, nor does it promote any doctrine or slant toward a particular way of interpreting scripture.  

Are WAC classes academic or enrichment in nature?
WAC classes are designed to be core academic classes and credit electives and are not merely for enrichment purposes.  Click here for class descriptions.


Who teaches WAC classes?
WAC class are taught by qualified instructors with degrees, knowledge, and experience in their fields.  For a list of instructors and their bios, click here.


Will my student have homework?
Yes, instructors provide an academic context and offer assistance, but the student is responsible for completing assigned reading , written work, and special projects at home.  For the expected time needed outside of class for any given subject, follow this link to WAC class descriptions.


Is there a cost involved with participating in WAC?
Yes, WAC classes are taught by qualified teachers who are paid directly by participating families.  Other fees include a registration fee, facility fee, and possible supply fees.  Follow this link for specific information on the cost of WAC.


Do I have to volunteer at WAC?
Parents whose students participate in Monday WAC classes at the FUMC are required to volunteer approximately two half-days per year by assisting in areas such set-up and study hall monitoring.  Parents not able to volunteer on their scheduled dates are expected to find a replacement and communicate changes with WAC leadership.  Parents of students taking only a science lab class are not required to volunteer.

Is WAC a school?
No, WAC is not a school, but an organization seeking to assist homeschool parents by connecting them with qualified instructors to support them in their homeschool efforts.  WAC does not "hire" these instructors.  Instead, parents enter a contractual agreement with WAC instructors, paying tuition to the instructors directly.  Also, parents whose student takes classes at WAC remain homeschool parents and are responsible for their student's education.


My child attends a private/public school.  Can he/she still attend WAC classes?                                                                                           

No.  It is expected that all students enrolled in WAC be home-schooled students.  This allows for parental involvement and parental responsibility with no third-party intermediary.


Will WAC keep my school records?
Although WAC instructors will provide mid-term progress reports and semester grades, it is the responsibility of the parent to keep necessary records at home.


What type of student will be the most likely to thrive in a setting like WAC?
Students who do well with this model are motivated to complete assignments at home, work independently, and come to class ready to listen and actively participate.  Successful students also have supportive parents who take time to guide them and teach them the skills needed to work under this model, like time management, study habits, and organization.


Can I drop my student off for classes and leave the grounds?
Yes, you are welcome to drop your student off for classes.  Parents are, however, expected to volunteer about two half days per year by assisting in areas like set-up and study hall monitoring.  

Can my student stay on site if there are gaps in his schedule?
Yes, for the convenience of WAC families, there will be a silent study room option each hour.  In addition, for a small fee, your student may utilize the gymnasium during their free hours.  The gym is supervised by an adult.


Most Monday WAC classes end by 12:30, but my student participates in co-op at 1:00.  Can she remain on site until I arrive for co-op?
Yes, your student is welcome to enjoy visiting with other WAC students during the lunch break from 12:30 to 1:00.


Can I stay in the building with my younger children while my middle school student is in class?
Yes, space will be available for parents and younger sibling to work quietly during WAC classes. 

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