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Wellspring Talent Show

Wellspring is so fortunate to have so many gifted and talented students! 


We are proud to support an annual talent show to give our kids a chance to show off.  Talents may range from:

  • playing an instrument

  • singing

  • stand-up comedy 

  • juggling

  • magic 

  • reciting soliloquies or poetry from memory

  • dance

  • painting, drawing, sketching

  • sculpting

  • pottery

  • Lego creations

  • knitting, crocheting, sewing

  • and many others!!


What a great time to let your kids shine...and give yourself some bragging rights!

If your student would enjoy displaying their talents or performing for others, then please register by April 12. 


Talent Show will be on April 15, 2019 beginning at 3:00 pm. 

Registration is necessary so that time can be allotted properly and tables can be arranged.  Last day to register is April 12.  No late registrations will be accepted.




  • All performances/displays must abide by Wellspring's Statement of Beliefs.  All talents must be non-offensive.

  • Each student is limited to ONE performance and/or ONE Visual Arts display. 

  • Each performance is limited to five minutes, though shorter acts are welcome!

  • All students must be a current family member of our co-op program in order to participate.



(Please do not force/coerce/bribe your child to participate.  We want this to be a fun time for all!)

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