More Than Eggs

What: More Than Eggs, hosted by First United Methodist Church in Richmond


More Than Eggs is a beautiful interactive and illustrative journey through the passion of Christ that is fitting and understandable for even small children. The church leads groups from the community on a "tour" through various scenes in moments from scripture surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  In addition, Easter games and crafts are offered in the gym for those folks that are waiting to tour.


When:  Saturday, March 24, from 10 a.m.-12 p.m.


If you have young children, please come participate.  This is a free event offered to the community.


Volunteers Needed:  The church has requested Wellspring join forces in helping to offer this event to the community. Volunteers would need to arrive around 9 a.m. Also, help will be needed with set-up and decorating on Friday night the 25th of March.  Specifically, FUMC is requesting help from adults and students in 6-12th grade. There are opportunities to help with food, drama, crafts, games and set-up. Other than just being a fun way to involve oneself with a fabulous community outreach, this would be a wonderful way to earn some community volunteer hours for high schoolers that are looking to do so.


If you or your student would be interested in helping the church with this event, please email ASAP, so that we can organize efforts and place folks in appropriate rolls as we plan for this community outreach. You may, if you wish, indicate what kind of help you would like to offer (i.e. drama, games, crafts, set-up, etc.).