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Interested in Joining the Co-op?

Excellent! Keep reading to learn more about what to do next.


1.  Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.
A great way to learn about how Wellspring's co-op program generally works is to read our FAQ page. It gives a lot of detailed information to help you see if what we have to offer is the kind of program your family is looking for.  
2.  Join the co-op Waiting List.  Once you submit your request join the waiting list, your information will be added to the most current list.  Our Families Coordinator will send you an invitation for the next scheduled informational meeting once the date, time, and location are set.  The details will be sent via Evite, so be sure to look for that to show up in your email inbox.
3. Come to an Informational Meeting  After you receive the Evite with meeting details, be sure to RSVP.  We plan meetings every month or two, so do try to come if you are able.  We require that interested families attend an informational meeting before any potential spaces can be offered at registration time.  The meeting lasts about an hour, but can sometimes go over that time a little.  Spouses and children are welcome to attend; we only ask that the main parent/guardian who plans to be on site when the semester is underway attends to hear about the co-op program.

We have discovered over the years that the meetings are very helpful for explaining who we are, how we go about things, class offerings and costs, and the like.  It is also a terrific way for families to ask questions of us as they have them, in order to have the best understanding of our group.  We realize that what we offer may not be everyone's cup of tea; it is a great way to figure that out before committing to a whole semester and possibly missing out on opportunities with other groups.
4. Timeline  The spring semester registration is closed and the first class is set to get underway on March 6th, with the last class meeting on May 22nd.  Our fall semester will begin in early-mid August, with registration for those classes expected to commence in mid-late July.  There will be a few informational meetings between March and May, but likely only one or two meetings scheduled between June and July.
5. Additional Helpful Information 
  • Our co-op program, overall, doesn't have as many open spaces to offer families as it used to.  There are several reasons for this. 
    • A large number of our members tend to stay unless a change within their family occurs. 
    • We have fewer classrooms and overall space available to us at our host facility than when we were previously in the building in the spring of 2020.  
    • Individual family dynamics also play a role in space availability.  Different age groups in the program can have varied levels of fullness, depending upon how many children move up to the next age group in the fall, or where the biggest need for open spaces in the age groups happens to be.  Sometimes even a family only needing a single space may not be able to join simply because that particular age group is completely full. 
    • We take great care to look at all of the many factors that go into offering open spaces, and wish that we could offer spots to everyone who wishes to join.  We promise to do out best, and appreciate your understanding our limitations.
6. While You Wait Between Semesters  Aside from the co-op program, Wellspring offers many events and opportunities throughout the year, and even more are in development.  We would love to see your family at some of our other offerings, so make sure to check our website often to see what is coming up soon.   You may also wish to keep up-to-date on offerings that we share on our Facebook group, Wellspring Homeschool Community.  To join the group, click on the Facebook icon below.
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